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I have read most of Ian McEwans books and regard him as a writer who is always worth a consideration, not afraid to tackle modern issues or to give them an interesting twist.

Here is a short traditional story of a planned murder, but told from a very unconventional point of view.

Trudy is 9 months pregnant, and we hear the story from the point of view of the child she is carrying. This means the story is told almost entirely through aural imagery, through overheard conversations and the conclusions drawn by a very astute baby. Would that we were all born with this level of education and ability to process the sounds from the outside world!

Trudy has left her poet husband, John, for his younger brother Claude. Both of them, for different reasons seek the ex husband dead. The story follows the planning of the murder and the consequences after the deed has been done.

I found the characters of Trudy, Claude and John to be very 2 dimensional and almost charicatures. The only developed character was the baby, with his dry sense of humour and incredible insight into what was occuring around him.

It is a short book, and not one of his best, (try Amsterdam), but still worth a read. For all it has a very simple plot, my attention was held, there were a few smiles and a good ending.



Posted July 5, 2017 by dianne7 in book review

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