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Nicci French is the writing alias used by Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, a husband and wife writing team who live in Suffolk.
I first came across Nicci French, when reading the Frieda Klein books, as suggested by my goodreads Suffolk reading group, purely because of the Suffolk connection. At the time the series only numbered #4, and we read on as the series progressed. Having now read the previous 6, i took advantage of reading an early published copy of #7 on netgalley.

I was given a pdf version of the book, which didn’t have all of the usual spacings and alignments of a full kindle book, and did affect my reading slightly.

Frieda Klein is a Psychotherapist, who offers talking therapy to her patients. In book #1 she became embroiled in a criminal case loosely involving one of her patients. This first story forms the background story arc for the rest of the series. Some of the books were full of fast action, some more concentrating on character development. By book #7, readers are comfortable with not only Freida, but her group of close friends, and some of her adversaries. She has had her name slandered, her reputation tarnished, been accused of murder, and spent time on the run. She has also lost people close to her and been near death herself.
In book #7, the pace is fast, it opens on a crime scene, and scarcely stops with crime scenes until the end. People are attacked, friends put in danger, and not only by her long time adversary, but a copy cat is also on the loose!
I enjoyed the fast pace of the book, the recurrence of all the well known characters, and the storyline, which i found kept me hooked, even when i could guess what was coming next.
Freida Klien as a main protagonist appeals to me. She is a successful woman, independant, yet she has hurts and issues she struggles with, which will echo in every readers heart, and makes her more real. In addition, she is missunderstood, has issues with authority and is often maligned, these issues in particular touched chords in my emotions, and made me side with her, sometimes just to see her vindicated.
Nicci French builds a strong group of characters in this series, all different, from a rebellious teenager, an illegal Ukrainian builder, to a stubborn police detective and his awkward partner, with several of Frieda’s colleagues too. As a person who can easily put people’s backs up, she seems to have a gift of acceptance and of drawing loyal friends to her. That i think is the message intrinsic in all of these books.: the value of acceptance.

The final character, is the city of London, itself. Described through Frieda’s many midnight walks, and talks of the hidden old rivers, its history, and its changes through time. It is almost always central to the drama.

I thought this book was the last, but frustratingly, the ending was left open, so maybe there are more Frieda Klein books to come, although we have run out of days of the week!

I have read other novels by Nicci French, but personally, I believe this series to be their best work. Of the Frieda Klein series, book #7 ranks as perhaps the very best. Definitely worth a read!


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