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This is the newest in the series of 17 books about the Israeli Spymaster, Gabriel Allon. I have followed the series for several years now, watching the development not only of Allon, but lived with him his grief following the murder of his young son, and the mental anguish as he was forced to watch his wife disappear into her own imaginary world, tortured with her own memories of the incident.
I shared Allon’s reawakening to life, as his boss, Ari Shamron brought him back to work for his self made exile, watched his heart heal as he began to love again. Finally, overcoming his great guilt, he remarried and now is coping with small twin babies, at the same time as assuming the headship of The Office, the Israeli Intelligence service.
Over these last few years, I have come to know the team he works with, the other intelligence chiefs he has to negotiate with in order to put together his operations designed to keep his country safe.
I was bursting to read the next instalment, Silva’s writing is also engrossing and flows easily, within minutes you are drawn into the story and reluctant to put the book down. Here are all the expected characters, and a surprise, Natalie Nehari, who we met in Black Widow, is back working with The Office.
This time, Allon is determined to seek revenge on Saladin, the ISIS leader, who escaped at the end of Black Widow, after wrecking devastation in Washington D C, and almost beheading Natalie. An opportunity arises through his contacts with the french anti terrorist Alpha team, when they suffer an attack at the start of an operation working with MI6 to investigate a new terror attack in London’s West End.
All roads seem to collide in the rich french businessman, friend to many important politicians, Jean Luc Martell, who looks to be dealing more in drugs than his restaurants. As Allon is brought into the operation, he meets Keller again, a man now working for MI6, but who has worked with Allon before and they are kindred spirits. The focus shifts to Olivia Watson, partner of Martell, and a plan is hatched.
The action moves between the French Riviera and Morocco, with the team having to face not only terrorists, but Jinns too. Always fast paced, completely in accord with the current world political situation, the book reads as if it could be happening now.
Allon makes the decision to go back into the field, despite being a new father and Chief of The Office. He needs his revenge, and to do the job himself.
Silva’s strength is that his writing is so up to date. He mentions among other things, Brexit, and talks about the threat of Isis, discussing how that group may evolve as it meets the challenges posed by our government and pursues its goals. I find the background politics well researched and fascinating, insights not easily drawn from watching the daily news.
Told from an Israeli point of view, i find this refreshing,
Silva has contacts inside Mossad, and his information is reliable. Several of the characters of the novel are based on actual historical figures, and real historical events are woven in to the storyline. The only inventions in the series, are when Silva refers to an event from a previous book in the series. Silva speaks the point of view we seldom get in this country, with its bias to the Palestinian point of view. Here we hear a much more balanced view, if skewed from the other side.
I loved the book, and cant wait for the next one!


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