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This book is the result of a scientific test carried out by the authors at a local community mental health clinic, using sufferers of panic and anxiety disorders who had been found resistant to other methods of treatment.

The authors decided to combine the basic skills of CBT: which aims to teach the person to analyse their methods of coping with stressful situations, and be challenged to alter their responses over a period of time, with Kundalini Yoga, which would aim to simultaneously calm the body and counter the panic and stress reactions already taking place; thereby giving the client an opportunity for the CBT to fully take effect.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on awakening kundalini energy within the body through meditation and yoga positions among other disciplines. It aims to develop the creative and spiritual potential within a person.

CBT is a therapy which challenges the ways you think and behave through talking. It was originally designed for use with eating disorders, but is now the go-to method for anxiety and depression.

The results from the experiment were very encouraging, 32 people worked on a set of exercises over a 6 week period. 22 completed the course and all of them noted an improvement in their condition. The exercises were changed each week. Until after the 6 weeks, the full potential set of tools had been taught and practiced. They were then equipped to go home and use these when needed to bring about a change in their lives.

Following this success, the authors felt it would be positive to transfer this 6 week course into a book. It also follows the 6 week pattern. Week 2 focusing on panic attacks and ways to calm yourself during and after. Week 3 is dedicated to worry, often anticipatory worry can be a major issue in anxiety disorders.

The final 3 weeks turn to the positive, week 4 focussing in self-comfort and speaking kind words to yourself, a therapy which has been much used with Mindfulness and ACT; where the focus is on being kind to yourself and practicing acceptance in different ways.
The last 2 weeks focus on the positive spiritual and creative aspects of Kundalini Yoga, and seek to equip you to discover your own strengths and to build on them, so you can become the person you wish to be.

As a sufferer of a phobia which causes panic disorder, I found the book very interesting. I have tried all of the basic therapies and found little success, but tried out some of the exercises and found them very calming. I will be working my way through the book gradually, hopefully it will be some help to me on my journey of inner growth.


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