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I was given this book to review through NetGalley before publication, and can only hope it is never published. This is the first and I pray the last bad review I will ever have to give, but after reading only 50 pages, I wanted to sue the author.

The author comes across as an egoist, with almost every sentence beginning with “I.” He fails to include references for the facts he claims to present. He makes broad statements like, after being on his diet ‘many end stage cancers were now treated like chronic diseases’. He claims many patients saw improvement, but gives no specific details or numbers. Nor does he mention the types of cancer treated. The inference, therefore, being that it was now totally possible to treat all stage 3 and 4 cancers with this diet, which is completely untrue. It can only extend life at best, according to specialists in Keto diet for cancer patients, and other medical research.

He gives no details of his sources for his information, preferring to let us think he invented it all himself. The only medical cure he gives us is a personal 12 year struggle to beat psoriasis. He mentions reading many books, but names none, going to many lectures, but names no lecturers, mentions but no reading of peer review material.

He claims that he felt ill equipped to deal with cancer patients, yet on the next page talks of holding a cancer fellowship. He then finishes by saying after all of his research, he still felt that he did not know enough, but that the only way to solve that was to actually treat people to gain the rest of his information, which honestly sounds like medical experimentation and seems potentially unethical.

He makes it all sound as if he made up this version of the diet, which he has already admitted, already existed. The entire book reads like the advert to for a pharmaceutical product. By quoting no references or sources and claiming all the credit for himself, he weakens any claims he has made.
He makes unreasonable claims, inferring he can now cure end stage cancer with his diet. This is not substantiated by any other source promoting the same or similar diets. This is therefore cruel to give unrealistic hopes to cancer sufferers.

He makes a statement that it is a difficult diet to follow, but that he knows that anyone with only 1 or 2 years to live will do anything to survive. I found that frankly offensive and patronising. How does he know how an end stage cancer patient feel? As one myself, I resent that inference that I have become a gibbering wreck who will do anything to live. I dearly hope no one buys into this tissue of overblown exaggerations.

Don’t read this book, there are plenty of decent books, well researched and with good science in them which won’t make claims of curing cancer with food!


Posted September 14, 2017 by dianne7 in book review

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