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I was sent this book to review before publication from Net Galley. I am a committed Christian, so was interested in the author’s experience of working within different sections of the American Baptist world and the political implications nowadays.

The book is due to be published 15/9/17. The author, David Gushee is a Christian ethicist, who worked as a university professor at several Baptist universities. In 2016 he was voted President-Elect of the Society of Christian Ethics. He has written on the Holocaust, and has been outspoken on Climate Change and LGBT.

The book is a history of Gushee’s work experience in the world of several different Baptist universities and the political issues he has been confronted with during these forty years. He is honest about where he has failed his own ideals looking back and where later he finally felt able to be more forthright in his opinions as he was in a safer environment.

He details the revolution that has occurred in the Baptist Movement during the last half century and its implications on ethical issues.

I found the book personally challenging, the clarity of the importance of Christian Ethics, particularly with reference to his work with Holocaust Studies, was simple but powerful. The political details of the changes in the Baptist Movement recently was fascinating and made a lot of sense interpreting present American politics for me.

This is a book worth reading. It is not just the standard ramblings from the Christian American Press, which proliferates now. It is carefully written, detailed and insightful.



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