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This is a book I received from NetGalley in order to review. As a christian, I love the opportunity to study the bible, and further expand my knowledge through reading bible study books of this type- particularly when they are written by insightful theologians.

This book was published in November 2016. The author is Jaime Clark-Soles, who is professor of New Testament at Perkins School of Theology. It is obvious from the first sentence that she has deep knowledge of this subject. She makes reference to teaching this same subject to undergraduate and graduate students of several years. Thus, I felt confident that her insights and applications were developed over much thought and that there was a lot of depth in the theology in this book.

The books is essentially a chronologic analysis of the main points of the fourth Gospel. Each chapter includes questions, to help the reader personally apply the points made in the commentary. Also the chapter of John being covered is also part of the chapter heading, which I found particularly helpful. This is not a heavy, boring commentary, but includes personal anecdotes and stories, a few humorous stories, but all very relevant to the points being made. It would be perfect to use as a group study, due to the chapter set up and the end questions. It also lends itself well to personal study which will enrich anyones spiritual journey.

The seven signs of the first part of the gospel are expounded, and also many of the themes are explained- night/day, words, life, abiding, truth and many others with their connection to the introductory section and their further development. The process of several characters as they become disciples is explained, which I found very illuminating.

I enjoyed this bible study, an opportunity to revisit a favourite book of the Bible, but I came away with many new insights and personal challenges, for which I am very grateful.


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