Truth And Love: A Study In 1 John – Steve Pettit   Leave a comment

This is a book I received from netgalley in order to review it. As a committed Christian, I enjoy Bible study books, which encourage me to reread certain books of the Bible and provide a greater depth to me interpretation of the text.

The book was published in January of this year, by BJU Press. It is a short book at only 75pp, so ideal for personal study, or even a small group, such as a church Bible study group. This is book 6 of a series covering other books of the Bible in a similar vein, by the same author.

Steve Pettit is the President of the Bob Jones University, probably the best known fundamentalist Christian college. It is a part of the ‘Christian Right’, which is strongly politically involved in politics now in the USA.

However, having said this, this Bible study book is not controversial. It contains very good solid teaching which would not offend any brand of Christian. Pettit is concerned purely in interpreting the text: in drawing out the truth John was keen to illustrate in his letter which was aimed to counter some false teaching prevalent at the time; and to concentrate also on the love which John is determined to show as the answer to most of our issues. Pettit attempts to add enough application to help us feel the relevance of the text to our own lives. He approaches the text in 10 sections, he works gradually through the text. He breaks up the text into easy sections which are consistent to each of the 10 chapters.

I enjoyed reading this Bible study, I found the theology sound:- simple but clear yet still profound. I appreciated the layout of the book, it made the text easy to work with. I gained personally from the interpretation of truth and love which Pettit spoke of as the significant themes of 1 John. I would gladly recommend this book for personal or group study.


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