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I received this book from NetGalley prior to publishing, in order to review it. I chose it as I was very interested in the idea that a diet could positively affect cancer, and was already interested in the Keto diet from the auto immune angle.

*Keto for Cancer*is due to be published in October 2017. The author, Miriam Kalamain, first used the diet with her own son, Raffi, when he had reached the point of no further available options for his brain cancer in 2004. Raffi saw immediate improvement on the diet, and remained on it until his death in 2013.He had gained 8 years using only the diet to slow the disease. Kalamain studied nutrition at university during this time, in order to better administer the diet, and has now gone into professional practice, advising the use of the Keto diet to cancer patients and guiding them through this journey. She maintains a website and blog at *dietarytherapies*.com.

If the book were merely to contain the story of Miriam’s son, Raffi, it would be fascinating enough, but this book is designed to be a hands on approach so that anyone in the same situation, can use the diet, even if they are not near enough to personally visit the author for support.

The book covers everything a person would need to begin using the diet, a few recipes, meal templates, but mostly very intricate and detailed information of how to gain ketosis and stay there.

The largest part of the book contains the science behind each point being discussed. Some of this is very dense and perhaps too detailed, but it is clear enough that you can initially skim and then return later to understand more. There are also copious references throughout the book to other resources and in the full resource section at the end of the book.

Every aspect of the diet and how it works is covered in small detail. In addition she discusses all the small complications that are likely to arise. Co-morbid diseases are discussed, and many considerations are given to why you may not find the diet suitable for yourself. The author pulls no punches, and explains how difficult it is to follow and that you should only do it if you are determined.

She also covers other diets and modifications of the diet. Intermittent fast and methods of easing into the diet if you have certain medical issues.

Her attention to detail is impressive. Throughout the book are interspaced darker boxes, with relevant but slightly different material. I found this made the book harder to read, but it did break up the text and provide a mental break.

She also shared several stories of clients and experiences they had with the diet. Personally, not being a scientist, I would have swapped some of the dense scientific material for more testimonies, but appreciated her determination to be honest and scientifically based.

I got a lot from the book, even though I decided I could not personally manage the full Keto diet, I did feel a modified version would be worth trying in my case. As a diabetic, I gained a lot from the information she shared about the effects on the body of insulin resistance and how gaining Ketosis might help my glucose levels to stabalise, and why presently they are not.

I would recommend this book highly for anyone dealing with cancer, who wishes to look beyond the standard treatments. Even if the diet is not for you, the science will fascinate and inform. You will not leave the book with the same opinions.


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4 responses to “Keto for cancer- Miriam Kalamain

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  1. Treating medical conditions with diet is such an interesting topic to me. I might need to pick this one up.


  2. P.S. Great review!


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