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I chose this book from netgalley, as I have recently begin to use yoga and meditation to help my stress. I thought a different type of yoga might have something new to add to the anti-stress self- prescription I am devising.
The book is due to be published this month.
On researching the author, I was amazed at the degree of her web presence. I found a lot of videos of her doing yoga, discussing her ideas, and then other websites discussing her take on things. She has written another book called just Energy Medicine, which perhaps would be very helpful to read before considering approaching this book, however I am sure that could be circumvented by watching a few of her videos.
The book is essentially a daily yoga work out of around 30 minutes, with additional add on exercises for you to choose, depending on your health and which of 5 types of personality you prove to be- water, fire, earth, wood and metal. All of the initial workout is available as a video online, which would be very helpful if attempting to do it yourself. Obviously there are explanations and descriptors in the book not available on the video. It would work best as an add-on tool, not an alternative replacing the book.
Her whole theory of Energy Medicine is fascinating, but very complicated. I felt if I was going to buy into the ideas wholeheartedly I would need to read more, probably the previous book and watch some of the videos. I found that the author had a lively conversational writing style, but that when it came to explaining these concepts she was vague and not able to give specifics or many details. She does quote a book by another person in her introduction, and I must admit, I would need to read something which explained things better.
I got the impression that this book was for those already converted to Ms Walkers ideology, who would read these rough references to deep concepts nodding their heads knowingly, whereas I am a complete beginner and was lost after a couple of chakras and meridians.
The book interested my enough to want to understand the ideology. It has some interesting concepts, and if the yoga works to any degree as she claims it does, then it is well worth struggling through to understand more. Sadly this was not the book to do this, although it did create my interest, so not a complete fail.


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