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# Contains Spoilers
This is a NetGalley book I received in order to provide a review before it was published.
The book is essentially a personal memoir written mainly by Chuck Wilson, but with additional passages provided by his wife, Debbie.
The book tells Debbie’s story of her journey with cancer from her discovery of a breast lump at the age of 30, until her death after 28 years of fighting, in 2014.
Debbie suffered more than 10 primary cancers and numerous surgeries and treatments over this period. She was eventually diagnosed with an unusual genetic mutation which predisposed her to tumours.
Having suffered cancer myself, and its treatments, I was interested in this memoir. It is written simply and clearly. Sometimes the large leaps in time were frustrating, as the sections which talked us through some of the operations were very interesting and compelling.
Debbie had a personal word from God early in her journey, which enabled her to keep fighting during all of the different procedures. This touched me deeply, particularly when it became apparent how it had come true.
Most heartbreaking is the description of Debbie’s last days, I challenge anyone not to weep!
I found this book deeply affecting and challenging. I would be interested in more detailed memoirs of some of the missing periods of time too.


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