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This was a book I received from NetGalley, which I was asked to read and write a review about it.

I have previously read another book by the same author, and reviewed it. This book is a very similar book in the same series.

I found the similarity is format to be marked. Again 10 chapters and even the same pattern to divisions within the chapters. This makes these books ideal for use in bible study church groups, which I presume was the Author’s intent when writing them. They are also fine for personal bible study, although the similarity in the format may become a problem.

This book is a study of the last half of Ephesians, which I found surprising, as most Authors tackle chapters 1-3, however the last 3 chapters, which this book focuses on, do not mention any themes which might cause controversy. The book is basically concerned with providing a pattern of how we should live- an ideal subject for young christians.

I was disappointed in not being able to tackle Ephesians 1-3, but enjoyed the book, though I found there was nothing original contained in it. I will not be reading more in the series, due to the format being so repetitive.


Posted November 6, 2017 by dianne7 in book review

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