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This is a book I chose to read from Netgalley, in return for a review. I do enjoy bible studies, I like to have one permanently on the go, and do a section each day with my bible reading and prayer time. As a result, I have become quite discerning in my choices of bible study, I like to learn from these books and have them stretch my knowledge. I am more interested in a bible study with good theology than one which applies the text to my situation, as I am capable of doing that myself.
Having explained my bias, I can praise this book. This book covers the entire book of psalms, explaining the structure of the sections of the psalms and also the poetic structure of the psalms themselves.
The author then walks through a few individual psalms in each book, showing how they reflect the points already made, but also how they fit within the book as a whole.
This book may be a little academic for a young christian, but it is perfect for my needs. I have learned much about hebrew poetry structure, but also now have a sense of the themes used in psalms and how to see them as fulfilled in David and the other kings, but ultimately so, in Jesus.
I can only say thanks to the author for sharing his knowledge and to ask when his next book will be published, perhaps on proverbs!


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