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This is a book I chose from Netgalley in exchange for me supplying a review of it.

I chose this, as I enjoy bible studies, and the subject of Hagar was original and I was puzzled how anyone could design a full book on such a small story.

The book is primarily designed for use in a church bible study group, and is divided into 5 day studies over 7 weeks. I would presume we do the 5 studies at home and discuss them at a meeting once a week. It would also be possible to use the book alone in private study.

I was a little disappointed in the book, personally, as the theology is light and not always thoroughly researched and the annotations are not always given with full scriptural support. The author also often wanders off the main point with personal stories, or added anecdotes, which I did not find really added to the book.

This is very much a bible study which seeks to apply itself to your life and to aid you in healing from old hurts. Sometimes I found these applications rather strained or annoying, when I would have rather concentrated on drawing truth from the scripture.

There is no doubt the author has some interesting insights into the bible story, but some of these are achieved in applying 21st century thought to bible times, when they lived in a very different culture, which often the author has chosen to ignore.

I found that most of the authors originality was wearing thin by the middle of the book. I much preferred the 1st 2 chapters. I would not recommend this for anyone who enjoys serious bible study, but probably ideal for a young christian.


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