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I was sent this through my blog, asked to read it and provide a review. I only received the first chapter, so I was limited in my ability to review.

I was very impressed to be sent the book by the author, so am reluctant to say anything negative, however I appreciate an honest review is important.

The excerpt told the story of two young asian people who get back into contact soon after leaving school and begin a relationship. However, not long into the relationship a problem surfaces; it becomes apparent that the boy is the best friend of the girls last boyfriend. This causes a conflict for her.

From reading the blurb, they do eventually manage a long term relationship, but the novel basically the novel documents all of the problems they experience getting to that point.

I found the story interesting, as it was telling a story from within a British culture foreign to myself. All of the names given were asian, so presumably they all attended a mainly asian school. Very different from my experiences.

I found the writing problematic in places. Sometimes it read like a person writing in a second language and the sentence structure was a little unconventional, and difficult to read. Sometimes it read as if written by a very young person, which worked given the chapter was based in late teenage years. If the author managed to change the style to a greater maturity during the novel that would be very interesting.

It was not really my type of book, I don’t like young adult literature, which it seemed to be. I do however, enjoy reading foreign literature or reading of people living in different situations from myself, and it was this aspect which appealed to me.

I don’t think it is a book I would have chosen to read, but now I have read this chapter, I am intrigued to find out what I may learn about asian life in Britain in the 21st century.


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