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Christmas at the Candied Apple Store-Katherine Garbera

This is one of 5 christmas light romantic novels I chose to read in the lead up to Christmas this year. I received it from Netgalley, a book review website open to anyone.

I particularly enjoyed this novel, reading it all in one sitting. I basically couldn’t put it down. The story got moving immediately, opening with Iona, a twenty something, who is in business with her 2 best friends, running a chocolate shop on the elite Fifth Ave in NYC.

The company is offered an business opportunity to have their chocolate sold within a small group of luxury hotels worldwide. Iona is chosen to be the one doing the negotiating.

After having his initial meeting cancelled, the CEO of the hotel chain, Mads, impulsively decides to check out the chocolate shop with his small daughter, Sophie. There is an obvious spark between Iona and Mads though not necessarily for business.

The story proceeds from there, told from both Iona and Mads point of view, reaching the inevitable ending. However, with this type of novel the end isnt the point. We all know boy gets girl in the end. The art is in the imaginative way this is achieved, or even better, the careful description of the emotional pulls back and forth as the couple decide if they can each make the commitment given their individual emotional baggage.

This book chooses option B, and Katherine Garbera’s sensitive descriptions of guilt and grief is accurate and compelling. I was totally convinced by the feelings of both characters and was still unsure how it was going to resolve down to the last few pages. A remarkable achievement for this genre.

Katherine Garbera is an award winning American author of more than 50 romantic novels, including several series. This is not my type of genre, usually, but I would highly recommend it for a light seasonal read.


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