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This is a book I chose to read from Netgalley in return for a review. It consists of the author’s experiences with MS in the lead up and in the first 2 years following his diagnosis. The testimony is interspersed with factual sections covering the history of treatments for MS from its discovery during 19th century to the present day.

The author is a professional writer and journalist, mainly writing video game reviews. This admits is an ideal occupation for someone with his condition.

His personal story is very honest and brave. He faces up to his long periods of denial and the bad coping methods he used and how he caused pain to his close family.

Running simultaneous to this experience, the author became a parent. He talks a lot about the brain development of his daughter, often as a comparison to his own slowing brain processes.

I found the book fascinating, as I had previously understood very little about MS. I also enjoyed the comparison and descriptions of his daughters brain development. As a person with an incurable condition myself, I appreciated the struggle he experienced adjusting his life to a new situation. I deeply appreciated his honesty and determination not to gloss over his shortcomings but to analyse and face them head on. I feel this could be very helpful to some in his situation.

I would have appreciated more information regarding past neurology discoveries and the development of the science, as the title I felt believed.

Generally the book is well written, easy to read and kept my attention so much, I read it in one sitting. A good addition to this genre.


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