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This is one of 5 light romantic christmas based novels I chose as fun reads over the Christmas period this year, from Netgalley.

Stella is a successful accountant from Melrose Scotland, who now works in London. She receives a phone call from a family friend telling her that her grandmother is in hospital, following a bad fall.

She immediately leaves for Scotland, leaving an important business deal hanging, in is just before Christmas. Her grandmother is her only relative, apart from her younger sister, Maddie, who is strangely absent.

On arrival in Edinburgh she learns her sister is in Edinburgh, but no one will tell her why.

She goes to her old home to collect clothes for her grandmother and bumps into her ex boyfriend, Ross. They split up when she took the job in London, and they are both still uncomfortable in each others company.

This is all I can tell without giving too much away. Stella’s wish doesn’t actually come until right at the end, when she puts up her grandmother’s christmas tree.

Some of the story is obvious, but what I appreciated about the novel was the interesting secondary storyline concerning Maddie’s foreign trip. Personally, I felt more time could have been spend on this, giving more detail about the past.

The supporting characters of Gray, Lilias and to a lesser extent Bette and Carol, are well drawn. They feel like 3d people, a real achievement for this type of book.

I enjoyed this book, and felt Kate Blackadder proved herself as a good light fiction writer. Some light reading for the season!


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