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This is the is one of my 5 christmas reads for Netgalley. A quirky, slightly magical feel good romance set in Yorkshire.

Emma has a very bad day, breaking up with her boyfriend, then getting knocked down by a post office van which was bringing her a parcel. She ends up in hospital and has to leave London and return home with her Grandmother to convalesce.

On arrival in Yorkshire, things have changed, her grandmother has a tenant, a loud annoying, yet handsome Spaniard, who irritates her during her attempts to recover. Also her ex, Jack and the whole family feud, which she left to escape.

Her family believe that their cooking can bring about magic in people’s lives, and now Emma is home can she resolve her feelings about the family traditions and how it drove her and her boyfriend apart?

A very original storyline, and very well drawn characters. There is a lot of humour in the book. The author paints a very convincing portrait of a small northern village, where everyone knows everything about everyone else.

The author, Lily Graham, grew up in South Africa, but now lives in the English countryside with her husband and dog. Her novels usually feature either country-living or her other love, the sea. Her first two novels were Amazon bestsellers, and have since been re-published. She has another novel due out in the spring 2018. She is not the author of ‘The Phone Rang’.

I really enjoyed this book, reading it in one sitting. Very light, but funny and a great storyline. The setting played a great part, as did the side story behind the feud and Emma’s childhood. A great read.


Posted December 27, 2017 by dianne7 in book review

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