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This is another Christmas light read from Netgalley.

I found this book initially difficult to get into, as it was #3 of a series, so I was on a stiff gradient of catchup with the characters. There was suitable explanation of who everyone was, but it was necessarily compact, not wishing to bore the readers who had already finished the previous books in the series.

I was determined not to let this deter me, and pushed through. The book has a large collection of central and secondary characters, only possible in a huge tome or a series. The book centres on 3 sisters, Nee, Kiki and Mia, who have fallen in love with brothers Aaron and Luke and their best friend, Daniel. it being Christmas all of the parents and pseudo-parents are involved too.

I would presume novels #1 and #2 covered Mia and then Kiki’s love lives, probably in that order, as Kiki was proposed to at Mia’s wedding. This novel therefore, focused on Nee. She had married Luke previously but abandoned him virtually on their wedding night, to take up an offer of a sponsorship with a renowned artist in New York.

After virtually disappearing for most of a year, Nee reappears at Mia’s weddin, but something terrible has happened, she is a shell of her former self. This story follows Luke’s desperate plan to throw a huge family christmas, and win her back.

Having so many characters, it makes the story very complex in parts. I don’t imagine there were so many in the previous stories. This therefore was a big challenge to the author, Sarah Bennett, but I felt she handled it well. Each character felt believable and the story kept moving.

Being set in the artist colony of Butterfly cove added to the feel-good character of the book. It did have a vague unreal fantasy feel to it, but that is not necessarily a problem with this type of book.

Sarah Bennett has written 4 chick lit novels now. She is a British writer, not to be confused with the American author of the same name.

I would recommend this book to read, but probably best to start at the beginning and read ‘Sunrise at Butterfly Cove’ first.


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