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A netgalley read which I chose as a light read for a change. It is due to be pub jan 11 2018, Sarah Vaughan is a first time author, although she has previously worked as a journalist for The Guardian.

The novel is a straight forward courtroom story, written in the now popular postmodern style, where the story is fragmented, not always chronological and jumps between narrators.

A hardworking barrister, Kate, has just lost a case and needs something to get her teeth into. She is offered the prosecution of a major political figure in a rape case and beside her better judgement she takes it.

More than we would is invested with Kate in the prosecution of this case, taking her back to her university years when she faced a life changing situation she still keep hidden. Is she ready to cope with everything this case will churn up in her own life?

The other major characters are the man being prosecuted and his wife, Sophie, who also is about to have her life values and marriage challenged. Will her marriage survive and how is she affected by Kate’s traumatic past?

A great read, light and fast moving, but challenging at the same time. The characters are well drawn and the story told at a nice pace. Not many major shocks, but well written so that you end up challenging yourself as the characters question thrmselves, a talent not often seen.


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