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This book is usually included in most publications of Kitchen, which is where I came across it. It is a short novel, but well worth considering on its own.

I reviewed Kitchen very recently, which is well worth reading. Both are written by Banana Yoshimoto, the pen name of Japanese writer, Mohoko Yoshimoto, who chose the name because she loved banana flowers and liked the androgynous sound of the name.

She openly says that the two common themes in her work are the exhaustion of young people in contemporary Japan and the way in which terrible experiences shape a person’s life.

In Moonlight Shadow, Satsuki has lost the love of her life, Hitoshi in an accident recently. She is struggling to deal with the grief, mainly with insomnia and runs to help deal with this.
She becomes friends with Hitoshi’s brother, Hirago, whose girlfriend also perished in the same car accident.

One night when she can’t sleep, she runs to a bridge she often went to with her boyfriend. Once there she meets a strange lady, Urara, who has also lost spmeone. Urara introduces her to the mystical experience of the Weaver Festival Phenomenon, through which she hopes they will both be helped in their grief.

This is a little gem of a book, which deals beautifully with grief and comes to the crux of all our aching hopes, to see our loved one just once more. Well worth reading.


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