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Daniel Dilemma-Chris Hodges

This is a non fiction christian book which I received from NetGalley. It is written by Chris Hodges, who is the founder and senior Pastor of Church of the Highlands, Alabama, which has satellite churches all over the state. Over 45,000 people attend these churches weekly. He is also Chancellor of Highlands College, a 2 year ministry training college.

The book speaks to christians and seeks to guide them in remaining faithful to Gd in this 21st Century world.

He provides basic steps to aid us in this, all with bible references and personal anecdotes. Most of his bible references are regarding Daniel, hence the title. His steps include knowing your identity, reconstructing your worldview, remaining faithful under pressure and allowing God to be in charge of our lives.

He discusses each step in detail, breaking down how it is easily achievable.

Some of his comments on the problems in our culture may seem to concern a very right wing fundamentalist christianity, often portrayed showing little love or grace. He however advocates love in each situation.

Some may feel he is making a big deal about aspects of out society which are quite insignficant, when we live mostly in a society relatively tolerant of christianity. Our experience is a long way from the persecutions many experienced over the last 2 thousand years.

But aside from this, his advice is still valid to all of us in our daily struggle to walk righteously with God.


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