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The Silence of Trees – Valya Lypescu

This is another book from my tbr pile, a light read with a background of WW2.

Nadya lives in Chicago’s Ukranian village. She has a large family, 5 children, multile grand children and even a great grandchild. However, although she should be happy in her retirement, things seem to keep dredging up her past, a past she has kept silent about for over 50 years.

Her granddaughter begins dating a German boy and cannot see why her grandparents can’t just forgive and forget. Her daughter is badgering her to tell her tale, as she feels she does not know her mother at all. Then she received an empty envelope, sent all the way from her homeland in the post. After that, the dreams started!

This is a beautiful book, very carefully written. It talks knowingly of what it is to be inside a large family, how they interact. Nadya’s story is interspersed with the modern day tale. It is astonishing that this is a debut book, written only for an Amazon story competition. It did win!

The author is Ukranian and draws upon her own knowledge of family, tradition and mythology to write a beautiful book about new beginnings with a little dose of magic thrown in.

I loved the story, it is not hurried, and tells a simple tale about what the experiences of the war did to people. It is a common experience for them to keep silent, particular Ukranians, as they felt, until the revolution, that anything they might say could still harm their families over there. Only now are they beginning to open their hearts. This was something the author witnessed in her community and this prompted her to write this story.



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