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This is a book I chose from NetGalley to read and review. I kept avoiding it, as it was long and I was sure it would be complex. However, once I got started I was surprised how easy to read it was.

Salman Rushdie need no introduction as an author, he has proved his merit time after time.
He is renowned, as a person not afraid to write about controversial subjects, and the background to this book is the latest American Election and he is not complimentary about the Republican candidate, referring to his as the Joker.

The story concerns a family who move into a small close knit community of houses built around private gardens in New York city. They appear with no explanations for where they came from. Just an old man and his 3 sons, 2 of whom are middle aged, the other is only in his twenties.

The narrator is a young man, another member of the small community. He is keen to become a film maker and becomes obsessed with the new occupants and wants to make them the centre of his film. The story is thus in the form of a memoir of the narrator, although it occasionally veers away from this.

The narrator, who calls himself, Rene, becomes a close friend to all of the members of the household and is often present in the house to give the inside story.

It soon becomes obvious that the family have escaped from some sort of criminal situation. They have changed their identities and moved from a different continent. They rename themselves after the Caesars at the request of their father.

The story is deep and complex and writing spoilers would be a real shame, so I will not tell any more of the plot.

Rushdie manages to cover the themes of gender identity, the Bollywood movie industry, high functioning autism, grief, sibling rivalry, manipulation and blackmail, vengeance and even the Indian mafia.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and would recommend it highly. This will become a classic.


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