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This is a recipe book I chose to read and review from Netgalley.

I have had to reconsider my diet recently and this book looked to be ideal for my food requirements. I was keen to find some new recipes I could use.

The book opens with information concerning the danger of retaining refined sugar in our diet. It also usefully explains where and how to spot the hidden sugars, such as maltodextrin and corn syrup.

The information is straightforward and clear. Considering it is primarily a recipe book, I was pleased to see there was not too much preamble before the recipes began.

There are sections for all the meals, breakfast, lunch, main meal, desserts, baking and drinks. Also a great extra is the section on basics, where she includes recipes for tomato sauce, mayo and jam, very useful.

I was not able to just leap into cooking, as all recipes required at least one item not common to our kitchens, so I will have to acquire some of these and then give the recipes a try.

All the recipes seem straightforward and only contain a few ingredients.

The unusual ingredients required are explained in the preamble, so I feel confident buying these different goods.

I would recommend the book and the blog it accompanies, which I now follow. Everyone should reconsider their consumption of non organic meat, refined sugar and gm products if they wish to have good health and a long life.

After having read many books on the subject and learning personally the consequences of eating without thought, I would strongly advise all to reconsider their diet, and this book is a good place to start.



Posted January 24, 2018 by dianne7 in book review

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