King Lear of the Steppe- Turgenev   Leave a comment

This is a short story from my reading list, 1001 books to read before you die. I have read several books by Turgenev and reviewed them. This book was published in 1870.

It is loose adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear, set in the Russian countryside. Kharlov has a dream that he will soon die, so decides to give away his belongings to his two daughters as their inheritance now, against everyones advice. He plans to live with his daughters and for them to give him food, a room, a carriage and a small allowance.

Inevitably, both his daughters treat him disrespectfully and gradually remove all of his belongings until they throw him out of the house into the snow. He crawls to his neighbours house very depressed and half mad.

After being made fun of by a servant in his neighbours house, he storms out of the house to wreck revenge on his children.

It is a really interesting twist on the original play, I really enjoyed it.


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