Lies Women Believe And the Truth that Sets Them Free- Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.   Leave a comment


This is one of my choices from NetGalley, which now seem to be largely christian non fiction books. It was the title which drew me to this book.

This is an updated version of the bestseller of 2002. The author believed that in this digital age, the book needed to address issues which are now very relevant, yet were not seen as important at the first publishing.

This largely refers to issues with online activity, and our changing attitudes to sex, in its many forms, from premarital sex to gender issues.

I appreciated the book a lot. The format was straightforward and clear. The teaching is fundamental christianity, which may feel overly conservative to many. Howevet, I believe it is still worth reading, even if you feel the authors opinion doesn’t apply to you. Try it out. You ever know!

I agree with the books premiss that we believe a lie about ourselves then build our lives on that lie, so it eventually can affect our opinion of ourselves and our actions. Her argument is essentially is that each issue in our lives, such as overeating, low self esteem etc have their origin in a lie we have believed.

The theory then supposes, to isolate the lie, then speak the truth into the situation instead, praying for God to aid this and bring healing or relief.

This is an hypothesis similar to most recent opinions in mental health practise for dealing with anxiety and depression.

I would recommend reading this book and meditating deeply on its implications in your own life.



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