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Dana Carpender is best known for writing about low carbohydrate dieting. She began
her career by paying to self publish her first book, ‘How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds’. It sold well and attracted a publisher who contracted her to write more books for them.

Since 2014, she has worked with HEAL (Healthier Eating And Living) a business aiming to treatment to people with diabetes, prediabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Writing a recipe book about the Ketogenic diet seems to be a departure for Carpender, although it is still low carb, the move seems to have been influence from her involvement with HEAL. One of the directors worked at an Atkins clinic previously, and the Ketogenic diet is currently seen as a real breakthrough in treating diabetes.

The Keto diet emphasises a high ratio of fat to a moderate ratio of protein and a low carbohydrate intake. The diet was originally used to treat epilepsy, but the recent publicity on the diet argues it can help reverse many illnesses, including some cancerous tumours and alzheimers. It is also regarded to be the best diet for losing weight.

Although many people are trying the ketogenic diet, however it is not always easy to follow. It is important to keep the ratio of your macronutrients properly balanced.

This book makes this very clear, explaining a simple way of calculating the ratios in your head and marking the amounts of fat, carb and protein beside each recipe. This is the most valuable aspect of this book, and marks it out from all of its competitors.

The diet itself is explained simply but clearly. Additions you will need in your kitchen are listed and explained, including where to purchase them, and easy alternative you can use. I found this section very helpful.

The recipes were all straightforward and cover all of the types of food you could ever need from breakfast to main meals, biscuits to tomato ketchup. It is a great basic that anyone following this diet should have.


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