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This is a NetGalley bible study. It is designed to be used over 6 weeks, each week being subdivided into 5 days. Each week covers a new topic which is unpacked gradually across the 5 days.

The book has a subtitle; trusting your future to a known God. Each of the topics are a truth about knowing God.

There are different methods of studying and meditating scripture used and explained. The point is to teach us to dwell in Hod and let the Holy Spirit to do His work. Each day there are suggested prayers and journalling prompts.

The 6 topics challenge what we believe about God, teaching how to see Him as our cornerstone, how regarding God’s goodness is helpful in our daily walk. Another week explains the importance of remembering.

The author bases each teaching on scripture, including Paul’s address in Athens, the story of Jehoshaphat’s victory among others. Additionally she includes her own personal experiences of growth.

The writing is easy to follow, very clear and straightforward. The teaching is basic but good. The bible study would be useful for both young and mature christians seeking a deeper relationship with God.

The author’s main aim is to offer a resolution to anxiety and worry. I am not convinced how useful the book is for these problems, but the book is good as a study and for strengthening our relationship with God. I would recommend this book on these terms.
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