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This is a netgalley review of a christian bible study book. It is subtitled ‘a fresh encounter for deeper faith’ and contains a series of 8 weekly studies based on the 7 ‘I am’ statements in John’s Gospel and 1 additional ‘I am’ statement in Revelation.

This book is aimed at a more mature christian, but would still be relevant to any reader. Essentially, as with most bible studies, you get out only what you are prepared to put in.

Each weekly study consists of 5 days work, the last day tying up the thoughts of the week. Each week was dedicated to one of the ‘I am’ statements and was juxtaposed with another scripture which was used to expound the statement more clearly.

I particularly enjoyed the mention of relevant songs each day, to aid in worship. All of these I found easily on Youtube.

I very much enjoyed this bible study, finding it well written and the theology sound. I myself was challenged by some of the studies.

I was especially affected by the use of Psalm 23 to illuminate the statement, ‘I am the good shepherd’ and then relating it to encountering fear and insecurity in our lives.

This is one of the best bible studies I have encountered for a while.


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