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This is a NetGalley review of a nonfiction Christian book.

I am very impressed with this book. It is straightforward and easy to understand, yet contains very complex and often misunderstood theological concepts from the New Testament.

The book begins by giving a biography of Pail, which is necessarily brief, as we have so few facts to go on. The author expounds on Paul’s life before the ‘Damascus Road experience’ and considers the significance of his conversion and call to ministry.

The remainder of the book explains Paul’s basic theology in careful detail with copious scriptural references for each point made. Mainly the author works through the book of Roman, explaining how Paul gradually unveiled the workings of salvation in this book.

The first theology concept is sinfulness, then the complex concept of justification is tackled. This is done in a very clear manner, relating the principe to a courtroom situation, which is most helpful.

Next sanctification is explained and the daily struggle we must face with our ‘inner man’ and the role of the Holy Spirit in this.

Finally the concept of the church as a body and a building as it is referred to in Romans and Corinthians and then as it is enlarged on in Ephesians and Colossians. Church structure is also considered.

The last chapter, entitled ‘The Future’ concerns God’s future work with humanity and in the world and also broaches our assurance of salvation.

Each chapter has thorough notes and ends with a section where the theology which has been explained applied to our everyday lives.

I would recommend this book as an essential part of any Christian’s library. I was already familiar with all of this theolgy, but was impressed by the clarity the author brought to these deep, often misunderstood concepts which are integral to our religion.

A truly useful theology book.


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