Awaiting The King- reforming Public Theology vol 3 of Cultural Liturgies- James A K Smith   Leave a comment


This is a NetGalley review of a christian nonfiction book. This was a very different book for the one I had expected after reading the blurb. Instead of a book preparing hearts for the second coming and perhaps expounding on the theology of the ‘Church’ as referred to in Ephesians, I found I was reading a book concerning our need as a church to become involved in culture and politics in the present day; due to our hope in the future.

The book is academic in style, the writing is dense and complex. It is often difficult to understand. This is no light read!

The author has determined to explain his views of church involvement in our secular society based on his reading of St Augustine’s ‘City of God'(this is a book I have not read, so cannot comment on the author’s interpretation) and on writings by other modern authors I did not recognise, which probably hindered my understanding.

It took me a few days to get through chapter 1, but I persevered and once I had a grasp of the argument was able to follow relatively easily.

I appreciated the author’s use of modern life metaphors and literature references to elucidate some points. I found them helpful and often just broke the pressure of the writing.

I did feel challenged in art, particularly with the concept of interlocking circles, which was Kuyper’s theory. The idea of the church equipping disciples who then went into the community to give service without expectation that those they worked with would become converted was most appealing to me.

Some of the arguments I found overly calvanistic, and being an Armenian myself was forced to differ, but essentially the argument was interesting and thought provoking.

This is not a book I would have read by choice, but I was personally motivated by it at times, which I expect was the point.

I would warily recommend this book to deep thinking readers


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