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This is a NetGalley christian theology book which I have chosen to review.

This book essentially addresses the cultural differences between the western world and that of the Bible, and considers how this understanding can broaden ur understanding.

The author considers the broad palette of the Hebrew language and how it is important to consider that one word may have several meanings, all of which may be relevant in a bible passage; otherwise some of the meaning may be lost.

The example of the meaning of the word Messiah is used, emphasising the aspect of kingship. In addition the words ‘forgive’ and ‘name’ are extrapolated among others. There is also a useful appendix of 30 difficult Hebrew words at the end.

The book discusses the differences between the Greek and Hebrew philosophies and how they approach a teaching for different but nevertheless complementary angles. In addition the author explains the methods used in bible study in the bible time period and after by Hebrew scholars, and tries to get us to understand their way of seeing.

She goes on to explain the use of Old Testament concrete imagery which was also used by Jesus and explaining why He used this system and how He proclaimed Himself Messiah through His parables and scriptural references.

The significance of the family as an identity as opposed to modern individualise is also explained.

I thought this book was wonderful, I was fascinated by the numerous ways I had missed illusions and the broader paths now available to me when studying the scriptures.

I would greatly recommend this book to anyone interested in Bible study.



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