How to listen so people will talk-Becky Harling   Leave a comment

I chose to review this on NetGalley, as I felt it was a topic we should all read up on regularly to ensure we are being the best at listening that we can be.

I was not disappointed. I have read books by Ms Harling before and enjoyed them immensely. This time, instead of a bible study, it is a self help book on listening.

This is a great book, easy to access, wth clear chapter headings, so you could just dip in, or research a particular topic, if you did not read the whole book.

The book covers such topics as not offering unsolicited advice, not interrupting, and not jumping in with your own personal parallel stories when not asked. In addition the author challenged us to ask appropriate questions, to consider our body language, to offer empathy and validate feelings.

There is also a chapter on how to handle conflict, which was very considered and helpful. I greatly appreciated her advice to just let a person continue when they are venting, explaining that no-one can take anything in at this point and to try reasonable suggestions later. This was accompanied by a personal example which although made me smile was very timely.

I believe everyone, whether they are christian or not would benefit from reading this book. It is not overtly christian, merely talking about our concerns for good relationships and a peaceful happy family, which all of us share.

All of us should own a book like this, which sits on our bookshelf and is read and reread every couple of years. Regardless of whether we think we know all of this stuff, we tend to forget and go back to our old habits.

This book would be useful at home, in families, in a church setting but also in any work setting too. Her advice on toxic relationships is very good and clear.

I got a lot from this book and will be watching what I say in future for a while. I recommend this book to everyone.


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