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Dr Derek Thomas is a reformed pastor and theologian. He leads First Presbyterian Church of Columbia, South Carolina and is visiting professor of systematic and historical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.
This book is the latest of many publications by Dr Thomas, being released on April 7th. It is based around the 2nd half of Isaiah and seeks to provide us with solutions in the scripture for when we feel worn, weary of burnt out.
I felt the author’s strength was more in the theology than in the applications for ourselves. However, for me, that is fine. I found myself excited at finally being able to understand large portions of Isaiah which had previously been lost to me.
Thomas explains the scripture clearly, providing historical context and relating the passages to New Testament and other Old Testament stories. I found his explanations most illuminating and ate up the information.
Dr Thomas is more restrained in his personal applications, they are often just hinted at; later in the book they are more expansive. This did not spoil the book for me though, as his explanations of the scripture were so good it was easy to see how the passages applied to my situation.
I would happily recommend this book to any Christian, who is looking to grow.


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