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This book is a Christian memoir, telling the story of the author’s husband and the days leading to his unexpected death, and the lessons she learned from it.
I found the story very moving. The book opens with her husband in hospital and Kimberly believing fervently for a miraculous healing. As her husband is moving wards, she unexpectedly overhears a nurse asking her husband in the lift if he wished to be resuscitated if he coded in the lift.
She then back-tracks and tells the story of her initial meeting with Glenn and the beginning of their relationship, their marriage and up to the point when they both joined a local church and committed their lives to God.
Then the story returns to the hospital, and tells us of Glenn’s last day, his peaceful death and his certainty that his life was complete. Kimberley speaks of her startling revelation that she must surrender her hope for a healing along with the reins of her life. She realises she needs to relinquish her control and fear to God.
Then she relates the emotional tale of Glenn’s funeral, when Kimberly receives a bigger shock, seeing a side of her husband’s life she had no idea about.
In her epilogue, she challenges us to apply the challenges she faced in her life and for us to have our own encounter with God and hand him the reins of our life.
This was a well written emotional memoir. It is simple but challenging. I was very touched by the story, I would recommend this book to any reader.


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