Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt- Jentezen Franklin   Leave a comment

This is a Christian book which looks at the power of unconditional love and how to apply it in your own family.

It is written by Jentezen Franklin, an evangelical pastor based in Georgia who has written several books and also has a television ministry.

The book uses the author’s personal experience to illustrate each point he makes. This makes the book an interesting biographical light read as much as a Christian self-help book. The book lends itself particularly to parents of teenagers, as it was through his own personal experience of bringing up 5 children, that he learned many of these lessons.

I found the book interesting and challenging. There was great wisdom in much of the parenting advice, although as the book progressed, I became very aware of his situation as pastor in the Bible belt believing USA, who was middle class and brought up by a pastor himself. This is a very privileged life and may not be applicable to many other people’s situations across the world. It is naive to expect that principles which would work with his children would necessarily work with children in a completely different scenario with a totally different background.

It is a worthwhile read despite this, and his advice is well worth a try due to its basis in scripture. He is also careful to discuss boundaries for protection, which can be vital. It is also worth considering that some people are too emotionally damaged by their past experiences to be able to love as if they had never been hurt, which is a point missed in the book. However, even if we all can’t always ‘love as if we have never been hurt’, we can give it a try, it could make a difference.


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