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In this book, author Steven Lawson considers the importance of the concept if truth to our Christian faith.
He begins by seeing how absolute truth is understood in our world today and juxtaposes this with Jesus as truth incarnate. He talks us through Jesus’ trial with Pilate, whilst explaining the importance of truth as an aspect of God and our faith.
He looks at the standards of truth claimed by different philosophers, again comparing this to Jesus claims.
Next the author defines absolute truth as divine and originating in God. He then goes slowly through the characteristics of God’s truth, explaining each point carefully and clearly. Truth is shown to be absolute, objective, singular, immutable, authoritative, powerful, and determinative.
He then moves to truth as it applies to the Bible. He looks at the reliability of translations, the arguments of Martin Luther and Sola Scriptura. He also discusses the inerrancy of the Bible, its authority and the argument that it was written by divine inspiration.
He looks at what the Bible claims about itself, where the Bible truths stand with reference to modern archaeology and science, and looks at the fulfilment of Old Testament prophesies.
He now moves on to the power of the truth of the cross and walks us through the doctrine of Jesus sacrifice, and considers how we should respond.
This book is broken into 3 parts. The 2nd part being the war on the truth, which involves ‘the fall’, spiritual warfare and the general war between good and evil.
The final section considers our response to the truth. First he talks of the importance of preaching truth, reminding us of the preacher’s accountability. He explains the importance of teaching, instruction and discipline within the church, always used in patience and love.
Next the author talks of hoe the truth applies to believers in their daily walk and how the Bible calls us to sacrifice and discipleship.
Worship is considered, the various forms of church worship and how they relate to the challenge to worship in spirit and truth. He expounds on worship as shown in Revelation, and explains the concept of the fear of the lord, praise and submission in worship. He talks of the aim of recreating heaven upon earth in our worship.
Finally, the author looks at the role of truth in the final judgement. He expounds the biblical references and explains what will happen to both believers and non-believers. Lastly, we are challenged to respond and realise the role truth has in our own life.
I found this book very interesting and challenging. It contains much difficult theology and some philosophy but it is explained clearly and carefully so it is simple to follow and understand. I loved the book and read it quickly, then went back and read it again savouring the detail. I would recommend all readers to do this to gain a greater benefit from the book.
I would recommend this book to any reader, but particularly to those who desire to understand theology, moving beyond a more basic understanding. There is much to glean from the information Mr Lawson provides in this book.


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