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This book is a simple commentary on the book of Acts. A lot of christians are intimidated by a commentary, as they tend to be full of footnotes, hebrew script and often prove difficult to follow.

However, this commentary can be read like a book. It flows easily from chapter 1 to the end with no breaks. It is divided into convenient sections, which serve to provide the outline of the book, and then further subdivided by topic headings with chapter and verse marking where the section begins and ends. The book works through Acts chronologically.

I fund that reading each section first in my bible then reading the matching section in the commentary was the best method for myself.

The book basically tells the story of Acts, but small details are added within the text which clarify points. These include background on major characters, geographical details and explanations of the intent of the text where it is implied but not written.

These points are very useful, but never so much that the straightforwardness of the text is disturbed.

If you are wary of using a commentary, this is the series to begin with. It is easy to read and helps expound the text in a simple clear way.

My only complaint is the total lack of footnotes. These would have been useful at the points where the author expressed his personal opinion, as the text is not completely clear. As it is, it may be difficult for a young christian to realise where these points are and automatically assimilate the authors opinions as fact.


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