Poverty, Riches and Wealth- Kris Vollotton   Leave a comment


This book is written by a christian ex businessman and pastor, who believes that his own beliefs held him in relative poverty until God showed him where his mistakes lay. He expounds his discoveries, so we also can break free of our own poverty mindsets and discover wealth in God.

I expected the book to be in favour of the prosperity doctrine, which was perpetuated so much at the end of the previous century. However, I soon found I was incorrect.

The author is conscious that we should understand the difference between true Godly wealth and just being rich.

I found the book interesting. The author had interesting insight into modern society, and his section on the spirit of entitlement was brilliant.

Personally, I found a lot of the information about business baffled me, but am sure the book could be revelatory to a young christian business man.

This is an interesting read, just to consider the author’s ideas.


Posted June 7, 2018 by dianne7 in book review

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