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This book I was keen to read, as there are not many books written about the person of The Holy Spirit. The author begins well bringing a careful distinction between the understanding of a force and the truth that The Holy Spirit is a person.

He then goes on to describe how The Spirit indwells each believer, and gives many scriptural references to explain this.

Next he explains how we are the church, and not the building, but personally I felt he went too far, basically saying we have no need for fancy buildings at all. I am sure many christians who have spent years in fervent prayer designing community based buildings would disagree.

He then moved on to worship, he obviously comes from a conservative background, and counsels against worship which seeks to stir the soul and the Spirit within us. He spoke against the idea of a presence of the Spirit coming around us in communal meetings, as he says the Spirit is within us only. I feel this is too narrow and doesn’t allow for a full picture of an omnipresent God.

This narrowness continues as he denies the idea of the glory falling, or any presence of God coming into a service. He writes of songs and how to be careful of the words and adjust them to this doctrine of his.

The book then continues in this narrow vein until all of his personal peeves have been covered.

I felt this was not a good book for a young christian to read, whatever denomination they belong to. As a mature christian I found some of the points interesting to think on and debate over, but generally they all came down to his insistence that The Holy Spirit indwells us, which is good theology, but is present in no other form nowadays, which is bad theology.

He has a supporting website, and a large ministry, so is not new to christianity. He has still made the mistake of boxing God, this time in the person of The Holy Spirit, into the format he sees him functioning in, and only that format. It is a common mistake, many fall into, young christians through niavety and older christians through their own arrogance.

I would not recommend this book.


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