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I am a long-term ME/CFS sufferer, 25 years in July. I ha e spent most of that time house bound. In 2015 i was diagnosed with a rare form of bowel cancer and underwent drastic radiochemotherapy. I am still here, although my diet is now very restricted and i have many additional problems and chronic pain. Strangely, the ME/CFS is in remission presently.

MY disability does not define me, i am also a mum of 5 children, now all left home, one sadly passed away in 2014, after being her carer for 10 years. I am a committed christian, a professional musician. I  homeschooled all 5 of my children and was a pastor’s wife for 7 years, before getting divorced in 2003. I was adopted at 3 months and found my birth mother at the age of 18. I have experienced domestic abuse, worked through an eating disorder, been depressed and suicidal. I have moved so often it looks like a compulsive addiction, but i am very honest, perhaps too trusting and know myself quite well. Last year I discovered I had a severe phobia to hospitals, not an assett when undergoing cancer treatment and its follow up. I finally married again in September 2015, after dating for 12 years.

I believe finding peace and joy in my life daily is a priority. I still hope to regain my health, although most of the time I find it difficult to believe it. I try to continue growing as a person and in 2010 gained a degree from the open university in music, a long standing dream. I hope next restart piano teaching, it is important to keep the dream alive.

During my convalescence, I began to read more deeply. I have been reading over 300 books a year since 2009, but I began to read the classics, starting with the BBC 100 books in 2013, on completing most of those, I moved on to the 1001 books to read before you die in 2014. I am now almost halfway through. Having found netgalley, i decided to restart this blog, purely for book review. I will post those from netgalley and selected books from the 1001 list that challenge me.


Posted February 18, 2012 by dianne7

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